Statement for the persecution of Mr. Georgiou, former President of the Hellenic Statistics Authority

Δημόσια Δήλωση Κωνσταντίνος Γάτσιος

The essence of the persecution of the former President of the Hellenic Statistics Authority, Andreas Georgiou, is nothing more than an attempt to relieve a former prime minister (and his governments) of the responsibility for the complete fiscal derailment of the 2004-2009 period, especially that in 2006-2009, which led the country to bankruptcy. The real persecutor of Georgiou is no one else than the “coalition of silence and forgetfulness” for those responsible for our country’s bankruptcy.

The same political pursuit is also the ruling coalition’s adhesive, which is a subset of the “coalition of silence and forgetfulness” that actually rules the country. Never before, nor after becoming a government –neither Mr. Tsipras, or a member of his government, or a member of the coalition, or Syriza’s central committee, no one –even spoke a word about this destructive governance. 2004-2009 does not exist, it should not exist. This “line” of “omertà” is the basis of the ruling coalition’s existence.

The tragedy is not just that a person is being tried in court only to recycle a non-existent issue because it serves political plans of the “coalition of silence and oblivion”. The tragedy is neither the fact that our country and its institutions are internationally maligned.

The worst of all is that the country “rambles” and is being mistreated by a government of inadequate, politically unscrupulous and nationally divisive people, just to serve the posterity and future plans of a former prime minister and of a political family.

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