Konstantine Gatsios is a Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He served as the Rector of the University from 2011 to 2015. Since 2015 he is a member of the International Scientific Council of the University of Vienna. He completed his postgraduate studies (1983-1984) and his doctoral studies (1984-1987) at the University of Cambridge, where he then taught (1987-1993) and was the Director of Economics at Fitzwilliam College. He has rich scientific work and he participates in several international economic organizations.

During his academic career, he is also actively involved in the public debate in Greece on economic and social policy issues. All public statements (articles, interviews, public speeches, etc.) are posted on this site.

In 2017 he ran for the leadership of the new political entity “for the national, cultural and productive uplifting of the country” as he says, by publishing a declaration also posted on this website. His candidacy is part of his efforts “for a productive and creative Greece, free from the partisanship and the clientelism that destroyed it”. He aims to build a society “consisting of creative citizens rather than clients and servants of the parties and the state”. He sends a message to all the citizens “who cannot compromise with decadence and parasitism.” He believes that there is a need for a political body “to express the world of labor, production and creation, and to confront the various actors of parasitism, corruption and decline”. This movement of ideas and politics led by him is called “Productive Greece”.

Along with this site, he maintains a Facebook page and a twitter account, which can be found by simply typing the name “Konstantine Gatsios’”. Alternatively, the official Facebook page is @konstantine.gatsios.official, while on twitter it is @kgatsios.